Medical Practice Credentialing

Nephrology is Our Specialty

For many nephrology practices, it takes a dedicated, detail-oriented credentialing professional to ensure that all practitioners’ credentials are completely current. Our certified credentialing staff have the experience to ensure everything is in place, whether your practice is adding physicians or hoping to work more efficiently.

Full credentialing and contracting services for physicians and physician extenders. Tower Physician Solutions Credentialing and Contracting services include:

1. Initial data collection and maintenance of practitioner data repositories. Practitioner data is maintained and stored utilizing a credentialing software database to optimize accuracy and efficiency.

2. Initial appointment and re-appointment with hospitals and dialysis units. Initial credentialing and re-credentialing with commercial health plans.

3. Enrollment and revalidation with Medicare and Medicaid. Save time while our specialists take care of this essential aspect of any medical practice.

4. Licensure and Expiring Document Maintenance. We will monitor licensure status of your practitioners and notify your office when action needs to be taken, such as renewal of State Medical License, State Controlled Substance License, Federal DEA, Malpractice Insurance Renewals, and various certifications and required health status documentation. We are experienced with this critical step and will ensure your partners can contribute to practice growth.

5. Establishing or re-negotiating private payer contracts to your best advantage Your nephrology practice could benefit from improved commercial payer rates, which may be available from private insurance.

Enlist the help of Tower’s credentialing and contracting experts to save time and money. Many practices require a full-time employee dedicated to this critical step in practice management. A credentialing associate spends their time responding to requests, submitting updated information, negotiating contracts and monitoring credentialing status for their physicians. If your practice does not have the resources to support this detail-intensive position, look to Tower Physician Solutions.

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