Medical Practice Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

A growing medical practice is a successful practice. 

To keep your business in growth mode, promote your excellent reputation to referring physicians and let the community know that you are accepting new patients.  Have you added services, expanded your office hours or added a new practitioner?  These are important bits of news that may persuade a new patient or referral source to consider your practice. 

A variety of marketing activities can help you bring in more patients and communicate with current patients and referral sources.  While a single newspaper ad may not bring in new patients, the ad can work in concert with a variety of other forms of advertising to reinforce your branding and message. 

Online reputation management is a critical piece of the puzzle, so time needs to be spent to develop and monitor your profile on ratings and social media sites.  We all know happy patients are the best advertising!

To save time and increase growth, outsource your advertising and marketing activities to Tower Physician Solutions’ marketing professionals.

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