Is your billing company prepared to offer your practice the information and support you need to bill successfully? Avoid interruptions to provider revenue stream by working with Tower Physician Solutions.

Once you partner with us, you do not have to worry about managing your revenue cycle, as our prompt medical coding team will accurately code the services and our billing team will ensure that the claims are reimbursed on time. Therefore, we help you in efficiently managing your cash flow. Following are some of the major services we offer -

Medical Billing Services

Our billing department ensures that all bills are submitted with the correct information. We understand how important it is to enter details correctly so that there are no delays or denials.

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Medical Coding Services

Accurate medical coding is critical for all healthcare providers. We can help you ensure compliance with government regulations and improve coding accuracy.





Medical Claims Processing

We can perform both online claims processing as well as process paper claims. For online claims, we have the capability to connect to the software you leverage with the help of a secure connection and submitting all such claims electrically.





Accounts Receivables Management

We understand the importance of persistent follow-ups for faster reimbursements. Our trained personnel constantly keep in touch with the insurance companies through phone, e-mail, etc. to ensure that claims are settled quickly.




Revenue Cycle Management

We can help you submit claims in a timely fashion. We not only process claims, but also follow-up with insurance companies to maximize the reimbursed amount. Our focus is on ensuring that all the claims are paid without any delay. You cannot practice without Billing and you cannot manage Billing without sacrificing some practice resources. Tower offers a solution: Experienced Nephrology specialists to take the weight of Revenue Cycle Management off your shoulders.







Medical practices must constantly worry about their patients, current trends in medicine and proper staff management. They must also stay current with the most recent rules about coding standards, insurance companies, and billing regulations. With so much to keep up with, details can slip through the cracks, resulting in rejections, denials, and underpayments that cost medical practices time and money.

Despite their best efforts to implement proactive billing practices, many healthcare providers still find themselves falling behind. This is often due to the costly time and labor involved in tracking down debtors, submitting and editing claims, and staying on top of current regulation — duties often piled on top of the existing responsibilities of medical office staff.

In response to the multiplying rules and regulations and to cut labor costs, many practices have outsourced their medical billing and coding to third party specialists. For many, it’s an effective way to regain control over their billing and increase revenue.


Hot Topics to Watch for

Hot Topics to Watch in Nephrology Billing & Coding With the growing body of regulations today, nephrology coding has become more complex. Practices must navigate not only a new level of required specificity but also additional requirements from payers.

The experts at Tower Physician Services can help avoid these headaches and reduce the rate of claim denials for nephrology offices. Tower can provide timely and affordable coding solutions to save you time and maximize your revenues.


The new update includes over 360 new codes, more than 250 revisions and almost 150 deletions. With these changes, required coding will become more specific and detailed.

The Certified Professional Coders on our staff stay upon the latest developments in Medical Billing. This knowledge benefits Tower medical practice partners.

Every nephrology office is different, so Tower takes a very individualized approach to working with each practice. Our staff is highly trained to understand all of the regulations involved in nephrology billing and coding, and will evaluate each office based on this knowledge. We will then work closely with office staff and the doctors to ensure that a system is put in place that is comfortable and user-friendly for all involved, while adhering to all regulations.




By maximizing reimbursements and minimizing costs and compliance risks, we deliver more of the revenue your practice deserves.



We have a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) on staff and about 25 staff members dedicated to Nephrology coding, billing and collections.


Tower offers full access to a dedicated representative, customized reporting for your practices and a better experience for our clients.


Coding, invoicing, customer service, hospital credentialing, insurance contracting, collections and more are all offered by Tower experts.


Serving about 100 Nephrologists, it’s our specialty. We do take care of some clients in related specialties with the same level of service, as well.